Turn on the thrill: Rabbit vibrator

The Rabbit Vibrator is a versatile, unique sex toy that provides both internal and external stimulation. Its signature L-shaped silhouette is designed for the body’s most sensitive sexy zone. Those who seek a mix or wide range of sensations to achieve intense orgasms tend to find comfort and satisfaction in the multi-faceted stimulation provided by Rabbit vibrators.

A brief history of Rabbit sex toys

The Rabbit vibrator’s journey in the United States has been a fascinating one:

1983: 1983: Sex toy pioneer Vibratex begins importing Rabbit vibrators from Japan. Obscenity laws in Japan influenced the design of early rabbit vibrators, which had to adhere to strict resale standards. These early versions of the vibrator featured animal-themed designs, including rabbits, beavers, and turtles, rather than realistic textures and colors.

1984: Vibratex introduces a modified version of the rabbit vibrator to suit American tastes. This revamped rabbit vibrator features innovative “rotating pearls” on the shaft that are visible through the transparent jelly material – a favorite choice of sex toy manufacturers at the time.

1994: Susan Colvin creates the name and design of the “Jack Rabbit Vibrator”, which she later acquires. The design was advertised in an adult novelty magazine and became the signature product of her new manufacturing company, CalExotics.

1997: The Rabbit Habit debuts in the US market with an upgraded battery pack and a built-in navigation menu. This groundbreaking development allows users to experience the charm of a rabbit-shaped vibrator without the limitations of the wires and handheld battery packs characteristic of earlier models.

1998: The television series Sex and the City played a key role in normalizing the use of sex toys, including the Rabbit vibrator. In an episode called “The Tortoise and the Hare,” a character hides her Rabbit vibrator, known as the Rabbit vibrator, in a stuffed rabbit, thus gaining cultural recognition.

1999: Inspired by Vibratex’s success, other sex toy manufacturers also start producing their own versions of the rabbit vibrator, sparking competition between brands.

2006: The rise of online shopping makes buying sex toys more discreet and convenient, leading to increased sales of rabbit vibrators. Celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Oprah Winfrey have endorsed the pleasurable devices, calling them “Roll’s Royce of Sex Toys.”

2015: Vibrator manufacturers start using materials that are not harmful to the body, such as silicone, and make improvements in size and color. These modern rabbit shaped vibrators feature higher quality motors and technology to provide a unique custom experience.

2020: The appeal of rabbit vibrators has gone beyond people with vulvas. They have been successfully used to stimulate the prostate and perineum, giving you more pleasure.

Choose the perfect rabbit vibrator


There are several factors to consider when choosing the right rabbit vibrator:

Power: The Rabbit vibrator has a variety of power options, including individual control of each motor or bundled motors. Independent control provides greater versatility, allowing users to customize their own experience.

Texture: The texture of a rabbit vibrator will greatly affect your experience. Softer materials such as liquid silicone provide flexibility for precise positioning, while harder textures are suitable for stimulating the G-spot or prostate gland.

Functionality: Consider the type of stimulation that works best for you. Rabbit vibrators usually incorporate additional functions such as insertion or pulsation.

Length: The length of the rabbit vibrator arm is critical, as the L-shaped design allows the stimulation to be distributed over various areas. Shorter rabbits are suitable for people with shallow vaginas.

Keep in mind that each person’s anatomy and preferences are unique, so choosing a rabbit-shaped vibrator that matches your desires is essential for a satisfying and pleasurable experience.

This revised edition, presented in a more informative and respectful manner while retaining the basic information, focuses on the history and selection of rabbit vibrators.

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