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9xPx. is a global adult sex toy and lingerie store whose logistics and shipping policies are based on different shipping services and country regulations. The following is a general overview of’s logistics and shipping policies:

Shipping Methods: supports a variety of shipping methods, including international express, air, and ocean freight. You can choose the appropriate shipping method based on the weight, size and value of your item and your needs.

SHIPPING: Shipping on is usually covered by us and usually takes no more than 14 days. If the fastest delivery is needed, buyers can choose the closest shipping method in their country. The exact cost depends on the weight and size of the item, the destination and the shipping method chosen.

Logistic Time: The logistic time on depends on the selected shipping method and the distance to the destination country. Usually it will not take more than 14 days for North America and 21 days for UK.

Shipment Tracking: Logistics services on often offer shipment tracking services that allow you and your customers to track the shipment status of your items in real time. You can view your logistics orders on and provide tracking numbers for buyers to track.

Customs and Duties: International logistics shipments often require customs clearance. You will need to ensure that your merchandise complies with the import regulations of the destination country and are responsible for any customs duties and other related fees that may be incurred. Buyers may be required to pay customs duties, depending on the regulations of the destination country and the type of merchandise.

RETURNS AND WARRANTY:’s return and warranty policy applies to merchandise that has been damaged in shipping or is otherwise defective. You may consult with us and offer a solution on a case-by-case basis.

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