The Best Positions for Oral Sex

  • The Classic Missionary Pose: Straightforward and to the point, this is the most popular pose for oral sex, allowing the recipient to completely relax and focus on the sensation of oral sex.
  • Paparazzi: Have you ever had oral sex with a dog? This is * Chef’s Kiss * a personal favorite because it exposes the entire vulva, allows the recipient to lean in (or push) for pleasure, and is visually appealing to the giver. You can purchase a positioning wedge to add extra support to this pose.
  • Happy baby yoga fans may be familiar with this pose. The recipient should lie on his back with his thighs close to his chest. Your ankles should be perpendicular to your calves and supported with your hands. This allows the vulva to be exposed to stimulation.
  • Face-sitting Queening (or face-sitting) is sitting astride your partner during oral sex. It’s a powerful pose that allows the recipient to immerse themselves in their own pleasure and receive the stimulus directly. You can buy Queening stools at some specialty retailers, which allow your vulva to be exposed while supporting most of your partner’s weight.
  • The Kivin Method is a popular position on Reddit that is said to be able to reach orgasm in three minutes. While we can’t prove whether this method will work for all constitutions, it’s definitely worth investigating as you perfect your technique. To try this method, lift and hold the clitoris with your index finger and thumb. Do not lick up and down, but lick from side to side, directly over the clitoral hood.
The best positions for oral sex
The Best Positions For Oral Sex

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