sex and libido tip 001

A book of libido facts to help you understand how to have sex

I. Sexual intercourse fit  

  In order to make a harmonious and harmonious sex life, both husband and wife should understand the basic knowledge of sex, especially to understand the normal difference between male and female sexual function. Otherwise, couples will not be able to tacitly cooperate with each other. Summarized, there are some differences between male and female sexual function as follows:

  (1) male libido is stronger, exuberant, at any time can cause sexual arousal; women’s libido is relatively weak, sexual arousal and menstrual cycle (generally around ovulation and premenstrual period libido is higher). There are a few women who have weak or even no libido before marriage, and their libido will gradually increase during their sexual life after marriage.

  (2) male sex drive appears faster, into the pleasure climax quickly, libido also faster, in general, normal men from the beginning of sexual intercourse to ejaculation, about 2 to 6 minutes (or 3 to 15 minutes); female sex drive occurs slower, generally 10 to 30 minutes (or 5 to 15 minutes) to reach the pleasure climax, the climax maintains a longer period of time, the libido is also slower to subside.

  (3) male libido is easy to focus on the sexual organs, the desire for sexual intercourse is very high; female libido performance is more extensive, complex, including laughing, warmth, caressing, etc., to reach a certain level of excitement, before the request for sexual intercourse. The ideal sex life is both sides at the same time to reach orgasm or let the woman first orgasm, the man then ejaculation. The female orgasm does not affect the continuation of sexual intercourse;

and, and men are very different is that women can reproduce the pleasure of orgasm in a short period of time (the degree of sexual pleasure varies from person to person.). (The degree of sexual pleasure varies from person to person. The same person has a different level of pleasure each time they have sex).

(4)But because of the male and female libido impulse, development and end, there is a big difference in time, men and women have to regulate the emotions, in the sexual response to the period of fit. If you are going to have sex, the man should consciously inhibit sexual impulses, patience, multi-faceted caressing his wife to stimulate their sexual excitement; the woman should also have a conscious willingness, excited feelings, urgent desire, take the initiative to cooperate with the man. Sexual intercourse, attention distraction can make the time of orgasm delayed;

attention can be focused on shortening the time. Therefore, both men and women can take focus or distraction to regulate the simultaneous arrival of orgasm. Because the female libido performance is more extensive, the continuation of a longer period of time, the male party to meet the libido, should not sleep alone, but according to the female party need to continue to give warmth and caress to make it feel sound, comfortable, and to establish the confidence of the sex life.

  Second, the frequency of sexual intercourse  Sex and libido tip 001

  How many times of sexual intercourse is considered appropriate, this is a difficult question to answer. The strength of sexual desire varies from person to person, even if the same person is affected by age, physical fitness, personality, occupation, climate, environment, emotions and other factors. Therefore, the number of sexual life can not be mechanically prescribed, but according to the specific circumstances of both parties to properly adjust. During the newlywed period, the sexual desire is relatively strong, the number of sexual intercourse is more frequent.

The first few months after marriage, generally 2 to 3 times a week. As age increases, it will gradually reduce to 1 to 2 times a week. People with poorer health have less frequent intercourse. Couples reunited for a long time, often more frequent sexual intercourse, which is human nature, but also to appropriate moderation.

  Sexual life is moderate, available sexual intercourse the next day as a standard of judgment. If both sides do not feel fatigue, and feel full of love and spirit, work hard, which shows that the sex life is moderate. If there is a lack of vitality, light-headedness, loss of appetite, dizziness, panic and other phenomena, it means that some excessive, should be moderated. There are a few couples with strong libido, have frequent sexual intercourse, and both sides are still refreshed, energetic, should also be considered appropriate.

  Sexual intercourse timeSex and libido tip 001

  The most appropriate time for each sexual intercourse is preferably before going to sleep at night, so as to rest and regain strength after sexual intercourse. Sometimes the man’s daytime work is heavy, the body has felt fatigue, it is best to sleep for a few moments before sexual intercourse, so as not to be prone to premature ejaculation of the phenomenon.

  In addition, in the following cases, the man or woman must restrain sexual desire, reduce or avoid sexual intercourse.

  1. Serious illness, should not have sexual intercourse. Generally speaking, during the period of illness should be eliminated sexual intercourse. Due to the variety of diseases, the severity of the condition varies, it is best to frankly to the doctor for advice.

  2 Excessive fatigue, drunkenness or bad mood, should not have sex. When a man is drunk, his sperm can be deformed, which will affect the fetus if it is conceived.

  3 During menstruation, sexual intercourse is absolutely not allowed. Under normal circumstances, the female vaginal secretion is acidic, can kill foreign bacteria. However, during menstruation, vaginal secretions are neutralized by menstrual blood and become alkaline, becoming a good bacterial culture medium; during menstruation, the endometrium is shed, there are wounds in the uterus, the uterine opening is slightly open, and the sexual transaction will bring bacteria into the reproductive organs, causing inflammation.

If you have chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, sexual intercourse during menstruation will cause an acute attack. Sexual intercourse during menstruation can also aggravate uterine congestion, increase menstrual bleeding, prolonged menstruation or menstrual discomfort.

  4. The first and last trimesters of pregnancy should be prohibited intercourse. In the early stages of pregnancy, the placenta in the child’s body has not grown firm, sexual intercourse stimulates the uterus to contract and lead to miscarriage. In the second trimester, sexual intercourse causes premature labor, uterine bleeding or puerperal fever. The rest of the month of pregnancy sex should also be restrained, the action should not be violent, do not overpressure women’s abdomen.

  5. After delivery until the recovery of the uterus (about 6 to 7 weeks), social intercourse should be eliminated. Otherwise, it may cause inflammation of the reproductive organs, uterine bleeding or hinder the healing of perineal and vaginal wounds and the recovery of postpartum health. If the postpartum vaginal bloody discharge (evil discharge) lasts for a long time, the abstinence time should be extended accordingly.

  6, women put ring (or take ring) and men vasectomy, two weeks after the ban on sexual intercourse. Women should avoid sexual intercourse for one month after tubal ligation.

  7. Doctors believe that sexual life should be avoided in other cases.  Sex and libido tip 001


  Women who are satisfied with their sex life are likely to have smoother, more radiant skin. Normal sex life can stimulate the ovaries and adrenal glands to discharge a lot of estrogen, which helps menopausal women to reduce the discomfort; it can make men reduce the embolism of prostate secretion and reduce the occurrence of prostate cancer.

On the contrary, if the sexual life between husband and wife can not be tacit cooperation, or excessive indulgence, or improper choice of time for sexual intercourse, may cause sexual aversion, frigidity and loss of libido, resulting in neurasthenia, physical weakness, premature aging, as well as many diseases of the reproductive organs, and will affect the relationship between husband and wife, or even cause the breakup of the family.

  For example, some men have a strong libido, even during menstruation, also asked for sexual intercourse, resulting in inflammation of the female internal reproductive organs; inflammation of the internal reproductive organs, but also the female sexual intercourse pain, sexual intercourse will naturally produce an aversion to the mood of the husband and wife, the pleasant and harmonious sex life will be destroyed. Therefore, the correct understanding of sexual life, reasonable arrangement of sexual life.

Sex and libido tip 001
Sex And Libido Tip 001

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