In general, sex toys are a great way to incorporate more fun and excitement into partner play. These types of sex toys are specifically designed for couples to use during sex and are just the icing on the pleasure cake! If you’re looking for your first toy to use together or exploring the top rated sex toys for partners, we have a collection of resources that will help you find what you’re looking for!

Sex toys for couples
Sex Toys For Couples

Most sex toys like vibrators and penis rings can be used with a partner, but couples sex toys are designed to provide stimulation for both partners at the same time. If you’re completely new to sex toys, are dating or in a new relationship, or are just curious about couples sex toys, then this section is for you. Taking the time to explore which types of couples toys are best for you and your partner will help you make the most of your first and ongoing couples toy experience, and these toys can be used together. These articles focus on sex toys for beginners, couples toys for beginners, how to choose the right sex toy for you, and other helpful information that is great for everyone as they explore the possibilities that sex toys can offer.
Testing the waters:Something for everyone
For couples who are looking for something more specific (like couples toys for gay couples or sex toys for older couples), or if you’re well-versed in using toys with your partner but want to check out what’s hot this year, we’ve got you covered too! We pride ourselves on having something for everyone, and our selection of couple’s toys is no exception. These articles delve into everything from hooks, to temperature play, to LGBTQIA+ couple’s toys.
You came (pun intended), you saw, and you’re ready for more. The couples toys in these posts are designed to be literally and metaphorically distant. Many of the toys here are award winning, top of the line sex toys and sex toy kits. From couples toys for long term relationships to couples toys for long distance relationships, couples toys to sex furniture, there is something for you and your partner/9xpx/friend at Lovers.

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